09 January 2023

An Ideal Space

Space is an integral element of creative overflow. Either big or small, a space can be turned into a place for any activity with the utmost comfort. Turning an empty space into a safety net by adding all the desired features is one of the most essential experiences of life. Despite its challenges, homeownership remains a milestone. Finding the right space to turn into a home is not as easy as it sounds. Several obstacles can blur your dream of a perfect home. With the fluctuations of inflation rate along with the living cost, selecting a space has become a hassle, now more than ever.

A Place where comfort meets Creativity

People no longer live in vast homes with distinct rooms for every function as city apartments and compact homes have become more popular. Since they share the same four walls, the bedrooms and living room coexist. Therefore, recreational activities, entertainment, and comfort interact. This coexistence of connection and experience is dependent upon the space and the condition of it. The ambience of an apartment is one of the crucial factors that affect a family’s mindset throughout the day. An apartment illuminated with an adequate amount of sunlight during the day is important for the rejuvenation of our minds. Multiple research has shown that adequate light and air circulation to your residence can make you more productive, energetic, motivated and cheerful throughout the day. Proper Lighting helps generate a welcoming and cheerful atmosphere as compared to dark spaces. Family and friends will feel unwelcome in spaces that do not provide enough lighting. Dark ambience makes a place seem smaller in size and therefore it feels claustrophobic. Edison lays out a capacious, well-lit, picturesque and lively way of living; in a good neighborhood surrounded by nature away from a chaotic environment.

A Place where Productivity Flourishes

A healthy amount of sunlight will contribute to the creation of calm and joyful areas by providing natural lighting to a home’s interiors. However, sunshine is not constantly present and will not be able to illuminate every part of a house. General illumination must be strategically placed by installing warm lights at home, which not only reduces stress but also prevents pressure on eyes.

A bright apartment also looks neat and capacious. An open space helps innate qualities to flourish, which makes it vital. Extra areas in an apartment are never wasted; it can be multifunctional. Children can play with their toys and their friends and run around in an open area at home. Kids need to be physically active in order to have a sound body and mind, especially as they get older. Having access to an open area allows them to do that and be innovative in unique manners. An extra room can always be turned into a study or an office. As everyone likes indulging in their own hobbies during leisure as a creative outlet. All hobbies perform well when given sufficient space. A beautiful patio can be turned into a beautiful garden, where tea parties and painting can coincide.

For a family’s mental and physical wellbeing, the interior of an apartment is not all that should be taken under advisement. The recreational amenities an apartment provides also influences a family. Edison offers a recreational amenity area that helps the residents hold social gatherings. A swimming pool and gym on top of your building is not only delightful but also promotes a healthy life. A barbecue with your friends and family by the pool, where kids can also play sounds like a dream come true. A rooftop garden also is a key to refreshment for people of all age groups.

A Place where Hygiene is Prioritized

The atmosphere of the kitchen and bathroom is crucial to hygiene and comfort. A small bathroom does not provide enough ventilation, causing molding and moisture build up; which can be detrimental to health. A moderate sized washroom with necessary adjustments helps with air flow and radiance, preventing bacteria buildup and promoting hygiene.

The atmosphere of the kitchen in an apartment falls under a similar basis of importance. Not only does it need access to ample sunlight but ventilation is the utmost priority. A spacious kitchen supplies ample air flow, helping the whole house get rid of excess moisture, smoke and odor. To allow for cross-ventilation in the kitchen, the south-east and north-west directions are preferred. Cross ventilation will make sure that steam from preparing meals leave the premises and are replaced by cool, fresh air from the outside. South facing spaces get direct sunlight throughout the day, making them most desirable.

Finding a space for the growth of a family that serves all the aforementioned criteria is greatly significant towards ensuring a quality life. Edison Real Estate has been prioritizing this experience for years. Edison believed in giving life to spaces. Edison delivers not only a house but a place you can call home. Edison makes visions come true. Edison is “Redefining Happiness”.

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