28 December 2022

Edison Prime, A new landmark at Nabisco Mor

Situated in Dhaka’s hub of industrialization, Edison Prime is a nine storied commercial landmark by Edison Real Estate. This monumental structure is established at the heart of Tejgaon, adjacent to a sixty feet wide avenue where all pursuits take place. The establishment of this commercial building will not only help a business gain more access to other enterprises and consumer markets, but also make the organization stand out.

Importance of a Contemporary Workplace
One of the greatest sense of purpose for people is self sufficiency. One aspect of work in any organization that stands as a challenge, is providing a workplace that promotes productivity. The surrounding atmosphere of a work structure is integral when it comes to invoking creativity and bringing forth a successful outcome, which is the main objective of any corporation. Furthermore, a commercial construction that only consists of plain rooms with multiple desks is deemed to be old fashioned and uninspiring in the rapidly progressive Bangladesh nowadays. It should be noted that swarming adjustments can also make an office look dark and monotonous. Several research also shows that gloomy and cramped work environments can cause major stress and depression restricting creative overflow.

Climate, Context & Culture
Climate, context and culture is the ultimate architectural motivation behind Prime. This project is surprisingly environment friendly. The exterior is made in order to provide heat and sound insulation ensuring utmost user comfort. Edison Prime is made to withstand the environment of Nabisco mor. Prime’s strong double layered glass walls are meticulously selected to sooth the peoples inside from the noises of one of the busiest roads in Dhaka city.

A congested workplace can also cause claustrophobia and exhaust the employees easily, affecting the work competency as a result. Edison Prime consists of a circulation area, filled with greenery behind the foyer. As mental health is one of their prime concerns, this stupendous circulation vertical landscape area is made for getting some air along with conversations as a revival after work. A stunning waterbody is attached right in front of the edifice in order to create a captivating ambience. All consisting functions in prime secures comfort. For example, there are a total of three lifts and two staircases including handicapped pavements for usage flexibility. The placement of the lifts and staircases lay out multiple options for separating specific office areas. This building has been planned out in a manner to prevent crowding and make it utilitarian.

Minimalism is Key
The pleasingly minimalist construction of Prime is inspired by monoliths, designed to lay out the striking complexion of productivity and grandeur. The entrance towards the grand foyer consists of double ceiling height automatic glass doors, making it easily accessible. Prioritizing the naturalistic features, it is made of ceiling high glass walls with substantial space in order to make the project’s core naturally lit to foster a more expansive and cooperative atmosphere. When it comes to appearances, Edison makes sure everything pleases the sight. Therefore, the extensions and cables of air conditions will be implanted within the walls, leaving no mess behind.

A Place where Comfort meets Connection
Prime by Edison will not only provide the bare minimum, but also provide several amenities for recreational purposes including the extensive sky lounge. Where employees can take a breather, make recreational setups and get back to work at full throttle anytime. The sky lounge is also impeccable for arranging events and gatherings. Two storied parking space underground, which allows at least forty cars to be parked. These will help the organizations who acquired these working place to reach a new standard, holding the capability of serving innovative experiences. Consequently, members of the workforce will become exhilarated to gather when it comes to contributing to the revolutionary. The accessibility of Prime ensures the gathering and distributions of the people associated with enterprises.

The Era of Revolution
Edison Real Estate is currently taking the lead along with setting up standards, when it comes to contemporary designed establishments. Their main focuses are not only aesthetics but also functionality. A noteworthy amount of planning has been put behind the construction of Prime. Standing strong, this specific project by Edison has not been subjected to the obstacles of Covid. It is one of Edison’s most well thought out projects. Edison creates a layout in both residential and commercial properties, tailored according to preferences conducting business and leading life. Edison is focused and dedicated towards experimental and eye-catching building structures, prioritizing the importance of aesthetics in livelihood. Edison Real Estate’s philosophy ensures that the impact the personnel involved have is beneficial. The primary objective of Edison is to become Bangladesh’s most credible and esteemed real estate company.

Edison Prime is the ultimate corporate dream, leading the way to success. Although, Prime is just a peek of the experimental capabilities of Edison Real Estate; it is ample as the introduction of the forthcoming cutting edge contributions to the artistry of Dhaka city.

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