26 October 2022

Neighborhood of The Decade

Man’s identity comes from the area or neighborhood they belong to. When people step out of their houses and go about their work, not only do they take with themselves their necessary belongings but also carry the essence of their neighborhood along with them. At lunch, at tea, or at gatherings when someone asks “So where do you live?”, the answer always gives away a vivid picture of how one’s life must be in that neighborhood. The routes along which he might’ve traveled to get the place of conversation, the eases or difficulties one may face in that neighborhood and also giving out the socio-economic cluster that person might belong to.

Now it isn’t always necessary that all people belonging to one neighborhood belong to the same socio-economic cluster. Neither can it ever logically be derived that a person always inherits the qualities of the common people living in a specific neighborhood; but can you really blame the generalization instincts of human beings?

In the recent two decades, a neighborhood has emerged in the northeastern point of Dhaka that has successfully erased the capabilities of people to stereotype. Bashundhara Residential Area. Bashundhara R/A what many might argue is one of most well planned neighborhoods of Dhaka since independence. The block structure, plot sizes, road distribution allows the residents to have a clutter free living experience along with a calm and noise free environment unlike the city centers.

However, do not mistake this peaceful settlement to be deprived of the worldly pleasures of city life. Bashundhara R/A contains the best medical facility, top schools and universities, branches of all banking institutions, and the largest shopping mall in South Asia. Simply put, one can enjoy a nice and cozy life inside Bashundhara R/A.

The locality has expanded quite heavily over the past decade, its broad extensions of I, J, K, L, M & N blocks along with the highly anticipated Japan Street have turned out to be the most suitable place for investment in real estate and development of property. People who had purchased flats or apartments in Bashundhara years ago have now proven to be the real smart ones. Property value has risen over 100%, and in some cases over close to 200%. It would definitely be a smart move to purchase an apartment in Bashundhara R/A right now in developing blocks at finer reasonable prices.

Edison real estate is offering great deals at a handful of locations in Bashundhara R/A, like Ophelia, Cordelia and 3 upcoming projects on M Block, Prospero on J Block; Rosalind and Othello on K Block, Titania on L Block. All of these are high-end living facilities with contemporary luxury features that will in time become necessities in community living. The street is 50 Feet wide that includes a lake, play grounds, and necessary go to stations like the “Mehdi Mart” super shop, “Awake Coffee Roasters”, “Dhali Fitness Center” and the “Food Hall”; all within a 500 meter radius.

Edison Real Estate also has ongoing projects in I Block such as Angelo, Apricus, Amour, Aemilius (upcoming) and Desdemona; all of these promising properties are ahead of their time in terms of design and layout. Some have already completed their piling work.

If you are planning to escape the judgment of your fellow city-dwellers and are looking to raise your next generation in a fully planned and organized neighborhood to allow them some breathing space, put them in good educational institutes, and give yourself a treat in life, now is the time to check out some of these amazing properties that can offer you a shift in living dynamics. So instead of looking to return to the same neighborhood that is offering you less of a complete experience, see if you can win yourself a trophy in the neighborhood of the decade. Click here to find your one.

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