02 April 2023

Lakeside Serenity: A Tranquil Retreat by the Lake

‘A lake carries you into recesses of feeling otherwise impenetrable’- William Wordsworth.

Throughout ages poets and writers have sung the praises of the beauty of lake and the tranquility it brings in uncountable literary pieces. The message the said quote delivers is- in a fast-paced lifestyle where all our emotions are restrained and rendered impenetrable, the serenity of lake regenerates those feelings subdued by our hectic schedule in fragments and recesses. Such is the therapeutic effect of this magnificent waterbody. Now imagine waking up to a picturesque scenery where the morning mist shrouds the placid lake creating a mystical ambience; a type of calm that entices us into believing the chaotic world beyond ceases to exist. A captivating scenery and a peaceful lifestyle as such is the heart’s desire of most people. It gives us a sense of being on an endless vacation and that itself awakens the love for life by tenfold. Don’t you want to bring an imagery as such bounded by nature to life? Then come experience a worry-free residency near the lakeside offered by Edison Real Estate Company at Bashundhara- the heart of Dhaka, where time slows down and nature takes center stage.

Where the Scenic Meets the Serene

Lakeside living is more than just a way of life, it is a state of mind. Here, there is neither hustle nor stress, only the quiet and peace that result from living in harmony with nature. The sky with its ever-changing colors reflecting on the mirror like surface of untroubled lake water creates a spellbinding kaleidoscopic effect, a sight enjoyed by people of all age groups. The play of colors is successful in brightening up one’s mood as there is an underlying psychological effect that regulates the well-being of a person’s mind. Functioning as nature’s very own canvas the sky at different times of the day comes with various forms of paintings. Whether it be pastel subtle brush strokes at twilight or a fiery gradient sunrise, accompanied by the scenic view of the lake the beauty of the waterscape is amplified. Furthermore, a surrounding as pleasant as such also gently persuades one into kindling the passion for living and establishing such luxurious apartments in Dhaka is the primary motive of Real Estate Company. The availability of ready flats for sale in Dhaka is increasing by demand but ensuring that the flat price in Dhaka for luxury apartments is affordable is the solemn promise of Edison Real Estate. Residing by the lake brings with it a variety of benefits, which aren’t limited to witnessing breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. Alongside relaxation, the numerous health benefits lakeside living brings comes as no surprise. In a concrete jungle where people are caught up with unending workload, the burnout state follows naturally. This exhaustion can seep the soul out of a person and cause a decline in productivity. Prolonged continuation of the hustle and bustle of city life takes a toll on one’s physical as well as mental health and in some cases may even lead to depression. At such trying times, living by the lake results in reduction of stress and the placidity of the lake casts a healing power onto the residents. In addition, lakeside living also enhances quality of sleep by ensuring a noise free tranquil environment. A state of uninterrupted slumber is of utmost importance in order to shake off the fatigue of everyday work-life and a carefree residency near the lakeside serves that purpose excellently. Living in a fume factory of an urban city, inhabitants are exposed to polluted air every day and are prone to lung diseases. The air quality around any water body is naturally fresh. The abundance of clean lakeside air aid boost immune system and the close association of nature revive our spirit, uplifts our mood and refreshes our mind.

Escape to a Lakeside Paradise

The lake with its ethereal and serene ambiance is a constant source of inspiration. As the sunlight dances on the tranquil lake water it emits an incandescent glow. The rhythmic lapping of water against the shore echoes in silence and the interplay of sunrays with reflective waves of the water create a fiesta of flickering lights, a view so bedazzling it engulfs anyone in euphoria. The divine feeling of living by the lakeside can truly make one feel as though they are living inside a fairytale. One of nature’s finest wonders is rainfall on the lakeside. The raindrops on the lake creating thousands of tiny little ripple is truly a sight to see as is the pitter-pattering of rain on water music to our ears. The air bears the scent of petrichor emanated from the neighboring flora that make us nostalgic of a childhood lost but not forgotten. All these elements of rainfall on the lakeside combinedly heighten our senses and shower us with a feeling of unbridled joy. Besides, the trees, foliage and lush greenery provide a backdrop of natural beauty that takes ones breath away. The melodious chirping sound of birds in the morning and the soft hum of crickets at nighttime is a gentle reminder of the simple pleasures of life that make living worthwhile. As the day progresses, it becomes a playground for water enthusiasts, to take part in activities like boating and fishing. In the evening, it transforms into a romantic haven, with the sunset casting a warm glow over the water. While enjoying a warm cup of evening tea the pleasant view of the lake also adds extra sweetness to the experience as relaxation washes over one with every sip. Furthermore, reading books by the lakeside creates a scope for imagination and enhance the reading experience while also boosting creativity. Lakeside living is not just about enjoying the beauty of nature. It is also about community, with neighbors coming together to share in the joys of lakeside living. They take care of their environment, ensuring that the water remains clean and the wildlife flourishes. It’s a symbiotic relationship, one that benefits both the residents and the natural world they call home.

Focusing on creating a paradisal living experience near the lakeside, Edison Real Estate is primarily working on building luxury apartments in Bashundhara adjacent to a lake. Edison Valeria is the newly launched lakeside luxury living project in Bashundhara alongside Edison Amour and Edison Apricus. Lakeside residence is a lifestyle that is both simple and luxurious. It is a place where you can disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself and nature. It is a place where you can find peace, happiness, and a true sense of belonging. But, it is also a place to connect with others and create memories that last a lifetime. So if you’re willing to trade in the city lights for starry nights by the lake, then choose lakeside luxury residence proposed by Edison Real Estate and indulge in a life of peace and comfort.

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